Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fighting the urge to age

So now I'm 62.  There was a time -- not so long
ago, it seems -- when I thought 60 was synonymous to 6-foot-under.  But though the beard I see in the mirror is gray and I take pills from a SMTWTFS box, I don't feel all that old.

So to hell with age -- it's not all it's cracked up to be anyway (despite the senior discounts).  I'll put on another year believing there will always be another after that.

Two years ago I celebrated my benchmark birthday with a 365 Project for which I took a photo each day of my 60th years.  I enjoyed the project, but I'm not ready to do it again.  Instead I've vowed to rekindle by blog and post at least weekly through my 62nd year.  

As much as my limited talents will allow, I'll try to include a self portrait.  I'm fascinated with how others have taken self-portraiture to an art form.  There are more than 30 groups on Flickr dedicated to self-portrait.  Maybe I'll post there, too.  Or maybe I'll just reflect on it.

I'll be back.

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